Female Urinals

Urinals for women
Finally, now they will know what does it feels like to pee standing up

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2 responses to “Female Urinals”

  1. yourothermotherhere says :

    Somehow I don’t think they’ll catch on. To me it would seem too unsanitary, but maybe where there are water shortages, who knows?

    • naderbelal2002 says :

      Well, I have no idea to comment on that, but when I first saw it, my face was like 😮 then 😀 then :/

      Anyway, as an architect and a man, I don´t think that my opinion can come into count especially in that matter, because the users will have the last word in the issue … and in that case, my mission, or the mission of any other architect is to offer this solution to female users ….

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