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Urban Seat

Location : Gregorio de la Revilla Street, Bilbao, Spain

From WTF? Microsiervos

2D Building ? … No its 1.5D

Location : Plaza Lope de Vega, 6 , Valencia, Spain
Have a better look – http://goo.gl/maps/C0T8g
It’s the red building in the middel

Special thanks to Gabriel


Location: W Barcelona Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Special thanks to V. M. Gómez

All similarities are intentional, no architect was consulted, although a watermelon was harmed to do the demonstration (at least the lucky guy have enjoyed the watermelon). 😀

Kids Living Dangerously

Location: Anonymos city in the Murcian Provence, Spain

Special thanks to F. Banting

Latest Galician Botch

Ladies & gentlemen, here you have a remodelled building’s façade with an embedded street lamp, found in Almendra Street, Ferrol, Spain.

From La Voz de Galicia

2013/04/14 Today’s Joke

Here you have the famous Mirador Building, in Madrid capital of Spain; designed by the acclaimed dutch architectural office MVRDV.

Well, it results that the locals call it the Bin Laden Building, “cause a plane can go through that hole without colliding“.

From El Huffington Post

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